the art of steel making is a magnificent obsession.
and for over six decades, we have been honing our skills to become the perfect steel artisan with a reputation based on our ability to recognize and meet the needs of the growing steel market. Since our inception, we have been diligently sharpening our competitive edge by proactively responding to our customers' needs even during tough economic weather and geopolitical storms.
Undeterred by rough seas, we grew stronger with coherent strategies that have created new high earning centers in the Indian construction industry. As a result of these unstinting initiatives, we were the first to manufacture CTD reinforcement rebars in India in collaboration with Tor Isteg Steel Corporation, Luxemburg through its Indian representative Tor Steel Research Foundation in India ensuring 40% savings in steel consumption and giving the Indian Construction Industry a much-needed impetus.
In the years ahead our focus would be to sustain growth and we will do our utmost to further establish a profit-maximization philosophy through cost reduction and bold restructuring of uncompetitive and non-core sectors, while strengthening our balance sheet with operations generated cash flow. We also firmly intend to progress forward with our management strategy which primarily includes completing the ongoing expansion plans of enhancing our production facilities in the states of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.