Each Eurotherm Ring is made from EUROTHERM TMT BAR and is far superior in terms of quality and creation process. Strict quality controls are using to ensure consistency, quality & accurate dimensions. They are available in most commonly used sizes and meet all the Indian government norms like: IS 456, IS 2502, SP-34, IS 13920 (Indian Ductile Details Code)


  • As per BIS specification like BIS 2502/458
  • Zero defect rings without any cracks, bends or any other deformation
  • No time is wasted for making the rings
  • No wastage of material due to ends and cracks
  • Strict quality control parameters are maintained
  • Exact 135° bend provides good seismic resistance to the reinforcement
  • Ease of availability
  • Stocked at distributor's end to meet urgent demand

Available Sizes

  • 7mm - 7"x4", 7"x7", 7"x10"
  • 8mm - 7"x4", 7"x7", 7"x10", 7"x12"
  • Any other size can be supplied on request
Available Sizes

Importance of rings in construction

  • Bind and hold TMT bars in position
  • Prevent buckling or spreading out of TMT bars
  • Prevent concrete from splitting outwards
  • Prevent sheer stress in TMT bars
  • Prevent Cracks In Coloumn
Importance of rings in construction

Problems Caused By Usage Of Incorrect Rings

Problems Caused By Usage Of Incorrect Rings