Thanks to its superior quality and manufacturing practices that match global standards, EUROTHERM has become synonymous with 'expertise'. From making your home earthquake-proof to helping you save up to 24% on steel consumption, EUROTHERM TMT bars come with many benefits that only an expert can offer. 

Global manufacturing practices

Promises you the strength of the best global technology:

  • Authorized by Centre De Recherches Mettallurgiques (CRM), Belgium to use their prestigious TEMPCORE process
  • Technical assistance from HEEP&P (Human Engineering for Environmental Products and Production), Germany
  • Certified by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) to manufacture Steel Re-bars as per IS: 1786/1985
  • Other global quality certifications like ISO 9001
Global manufacturing practices

The EUROTHERM advantage

  • Extra Bond Strength
  • Extra Weldability
  • Extra Ductility
  • Extra Savings
  • Extra Tensile Strength
  • Extra Seismic Resistance
  • Extra Corrosion Resistance
  • Extra Bendability

Substantial Savings

Substantial Savings