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Building your DREAM HOME is a very big decision both emotionally and financially and hence you need to take utmost care. A home is built to last forever and therefore you cannot afford to take any part of it lightly. The foundation and the basic structure of the house, once built cannot be modified or changed, without breaking the house down and hence the quality of construction material like TMT bars (Saria), Cement etc. used is a very important decision.

RATHI being the oldest manufacturer of SARIA in India, has experienced how even the smallest of decision leads to fatal and unchangeable circumstances hence recommends the following to all DREAM HOME builders:

  • Hiring a reputed architect or knowledgeable and experienced contractor or masons to build you DREAM HOME. You can download a list of knowledgeable and experienced Architects / Contactors / Lohars of your area here (Download Link)
  • Choosing the best quality of building material like TMT Bars (Saria), Cement etc being used in construction of your DREAM HOME.
  • TMT Bars (Saria) – Which one is best for you? TMT Bars which hold the concrete blocks together, maintaining the structure of your home are important for ensuring a strong foundation and hence the decision of selecting the most appropriate TMT bar is very important. Some factors which need to be taken into consideration while making this decision are given below :-
Which Make To Buy?

India has more than 100s company‘s making or selling TMT bars, but choosing the right one can often be like a big puzzle. But like in any field, all manufacturers or sellers are not equal.

Some are driven by passion of quality, some on innovation, some on customer service and some driven merely on the basis of commercial terms. We, at 7 STAR have been on the driving seat in the Indian TMT bars/Saria market in the field of Innovation, Quality and Customer Service. This is the only reason why RATHI is the most preferred and trusted brand of TMT bars in North India. Some of our many first are:-

  • First to produce TOR Steel (Saria) in India
  • First to set up Automatic Rolling Mill in India
  • First to install Natural Gas Fired Reheating Furance
  • First to set up Mini Steel Plant in North India
  • First to introduce concept of branded retailing of steel in India through exclusive RATHI TOR STEEL shops
  • First to introduce concept of customized RATHI steel bars
Look for the “7 STAR” stamping on the TMT steel bar
Which Make To Buy?
Which Grade of TMT Bars To Buy?
TMT bars available in India can be of three different grades - Fe-415, Fe-500, and Fe-600. The higher the grade of your TMT bar, the stronger it is. Higher grade TMT bars should be used in the core of your building, such as in the column, foundation rafts, floors and roofs. Lower grade bars can be used in constructing balcony railings and decorative structures. EUROTHERM TMT steel bars are manufactured using the state of the art Tempcore technology, which ensures greater strength than most other products available in the market, and long life for your construction.
Which Grade of TMT Bars To Buy?
Rib Pattern
The most important property contributing to a successful reinforced concrete structure is the bond strength between the reinforcing steel Re-bar and the concrete. A strong bond must be developed in order for the concrete to achieve its designed capacity. The inclined transverse ribs  bind the steel bars mechanically to the concrete. Rib Pattern of EUROTHERM TMT bars is 100% as per the guidelines laid down by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Incorrect rib pattern while not allow the TMT bar to be pulled out of the concrete under high stresses and can lead to larger scale collapse of the structure.
Rib Pattern
Weight per meter of the TMT bar
The load bearing capacity of the TMT bar depends upon its diameter. Higher diameter means higher weight per meter resulting in higher load bearing capacity.But the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has laid down tolerance levels for TMT bars with respect to the weight per meter (as shown in the image). All EUROTHERM TMT bars are made within this tolerance level only. Weight per meter above BIS specification results in excess consumption of TMT bars whereas weight per meter lower than BIS specification results in lower strength.
 Weight per meter of the TMT bar
Made-To-Order TMT bars
Prevention of Theft in Transit

Download suggested
steps to help in Prevention of
Theft during Transit

Theft in transit is a like a cancer in the steel supply chain and mostly goes unnoticed. It is a huge mafia and the menace is increasing day by day. On discussions with numerous Real Estate Builders and we have been made aware that the theft in transit can be anything from 100kgs to as high as 9MT in a consignment of 25MT.Some of the commonly used methods of theft in transit:-

We, at Eurotherm have started a fight against this and are continuously educating our buyers to become aware and take all possible steps to avoid this unnecessary loss. Taking this initiative forward, we have prepared some guidelines which if followed can help in detecting this menace (download link).