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For almost 2 decades, we, at SHRI RATHI GROUP have walked the extra mile to keep pace with the emerging needs of our customers and consistently deliver products of the highest international standards.

Comparative Proof stress Graph

The simple formula to calculate the area of steel in tension of s single reinforcement beam is as follows;

in case of Fe 415 and 500 TMT Re-Bar material, the value of Fy would be 415 N/mn2 and 500 N/mn2 respectively. Ast= 0.85xMxD/Fy

Ast = Area of steel in use
M = Moment in tention
D = Derpth of Section
Fy = Proff stress of Steel in use
Comparative  Proof stress Graph

Computer Controlled Process

Using one of the world's best and globally accepted TMT manufacturing technology, Tempcore, Eurotherm by Rathi Steel Re-bars draw its strength from the computer controlled in-line TMT process of hardening and tempering during hot rolling. After leaving the last rolling stand at the precise temperature, the hot rolled bar passes through a set of specially designed cooling pipes. The outer layer gets cooled, while the core is still hot. The surface of the bar gets self-tempered by the heat from the core and this results in considerably higher strength and ductility to the finished material, making it ideally suited for building strong structures.

Computer Controlled Process

Strength Of Global Technologies

Eurotherm by Rathi® Steel Re-bars promises you the strength of the best global technology.

  • Process technology from TEMPCORE, Centre De Recherches Metallurgiques (CRM), Belgium.
  • Technical assistance from HEEP&P (Human Engineering for Environmental Products And Production), Germany.
  • Authorized by Centre De Recherches Metallurgiques (CRM), Belgium to use their prestigious TEMCORE trade name on steel Re-bars.
  • Certified by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) to manufacture Steel Re-bars as pen is : 1786/1985
  • Other Global Quality Certifications such as ISO 9001.

Widespread Network

EUROTHERM has a 360 degrees fully integrated sales network of over 600 dealers covering almost every city of North India. Please email on contact@shrirathigroup.com or call on +91- 9899117576,  +91- 9811857576   to find out an authorized Eurotherm retailer/vendor near you.
Widespread Network

Rathi Legacy

Rathi Legacy